Assistant Audit Officer Job Profile

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) is a kind of special post for SSC CGL 2016 aspirants. For the first time in these many years, SSC (Staff Selection Commission) has declared a vacancy for the gazetted group B post and that post is Assistant Audit Officer (AAO). Until now, you can get this post after clearing SAS (Subordinate Accounts/Audit Service) exam only. Candidates from CAG,CGDA and CAG can appear for this exam after completion of two years of service. With this post offered in SSC CGL 2016, you can now get this post directly after clearing two stages of SSC CGL Exam. Naturally, the post has become instantly popular because of its’ higher salary than all other SSC CGL posts and because of it being only gazetted post offered through SSC CGL Exam. Also note that this post is being offered subject to the final approval from Government Of India. Now, just like all the other posts, let’s discuss some basic things about this post.

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Salary of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) would be 47,600 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on (It’s 2% from July – 2016). Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get Travelling and Daily Allowance in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Work profile of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)

Your work would be to assist Audit Officer (AO) or Sr. Audit Officer in performing audit of various government offices and government owned corporations. Sometimes, you may get a field posting in which you would go to various places to conduct audits. There would be an audit team with which you would go. Some travelling would be there in the field posting as you have to visit the office or unit which you are auditing. Travelling is inevitable in this post or department. Even as an Auditor, you are required to travel for audit purpose. If you are given a desk posting then your work would be just like a clerk. You would do routine work related to office as directed by senior officers. You would posted in field as well as desk in rotation so you would get experience of both. Work load wise, this post is having average work load. Apart from travelling time, you would be able to complete your routine work in less than 3-4 hours daily. Though all such things depend on the office you are posted in and workload of particular posting. Do know more about work profile and take your decision accordingly.

Promotion of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)

You’ll have to clear SAS exam to get confirmed as an AAO. Only after that, you’ll get any promotion. Your first promotion from this post would be of Audit Officer (A.O.). This promotion usually takes 8-10 years but I don’t know anything about how directly recruited AAO will get promotions. If they are promoted like promotee AAOs then you should also get first promotion in around 8-10 years. It also depends on many other factors like when you pass promotion exams, vacancies for higher posts and promotion policy of the department, IAAD in this case. Next promotion from A.O. would be of Sr. Audit Officer (Sr.A.O.), Assistant Accountant General (AAG), Deputy Accountant General (DAG). It takes a long time in getting promotion of AAG or DAG. The next promotion after DAG is of AG (Accountant General). I believe very few AAOs would reach till AG post but this is something only future would make clear. Promotion wise you can rate this post as above average.

Where to put Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post in your SSC CGL preference list if you are a female candidate

It should be in your top 5. You should ideally put it after Income Tax Inspector (If you like executive post), Assistant in CSS (If you want to work in Delhi only) or Examiner (If you want to work in Customs Dept.). Consider the travelling aspect of this post before making preference list. It’s a good post with a gazetted status and highest grade pay among all SSC CGL posts but on the other hand posts like ITI gives much better promotion chances and career prospects. Take your decision after considering all the factors affecting you as only you can know what is the best for you.

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post in preference list of a male candidate

In the top 5 of your preference list. You may put it after ITI, Examiner and Assistant in CSS (If you want to work in Delhi and prepare for UPSC) as you feel right for you. You would directly become gazetted officer with 4800 Rs. grade pay if you are selected for this post. On the other hand, you would get more promotions in ITI or get more powers as an Examiner so know all the factors before you take final decision. This is a good post and you should put it higher in your preference list no matter what.

That’s all for Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post info

This is some basic info we have gathered about Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post. You should try to get more first hand information before deciding your final preference list. You can also share your knowledge about this job in the comments section. It can really help other aspirants in making their final preference list.

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Thank you.

92 thoughts on “Assistant Audit Officer Job Profile

  1. Sir ,
    I am 29 years old. I am confused in selecting between Enforcement officer and Assistant Audit Officer, so please let me know about promotions, scope of work in between them.

      • Sir, this time in SSC CGL 2017 Notification, there are two AAO Posts, one is Assistant Audit Officer and another one is Assistant Account Officer. Could you please tell me the difference between this two posts in terms of work profile, etc

    • Sir, I am Art Graduate. I have been selected as Aao in cgl 2016. Now i am worried about next procedure. I have heard that i will have to clear 9 exams. Sir i will be unable to clear them. Then, what will happen with me? Shall i be removed from job? And when will i get joining? Plz ans.

    • It’s ok post with an average work load but if you want to prepare for UPSC, you should go for Assistant in CSS or any other assistant posts. These posts are situated in Delhi with a normal work load with almost fixed timings so you can join reputed classes for UPSC in Delhi and prepare regularly. Also, Sat-Sun are always off except urgent circumstances so you would get good time for preparations. Read more about every post in our SSC Posts Details section and take your own decision after considering everything.

      Best luck to you for success.

  2. Can a BE graduate apply for AAO post ? I am confused because I have never studied accounts or audit or stats so can I apply for AAO ?

    • My friend experienced with AAO post.Once you get the job as an Assistant Audit officer, then do not think that you got the job. After this you have to clear 9 paper of examination called SAS. And this is not fair examination. If you fail in SAS. There are lot of people lost job and got lot of mental torture, or reverted to lower post with insult, etc. This department speaks or teach or deficiency about of rules and regulation to all department but internally not no rules and regulation in the department.This is your kind information.
      This applies to SBI also.

      • Thanks for your opinion. I don’t understand what you are trying to say but I’d advise you to focus on positive side as I haven’t heard about some of the things you are writing. When you are in a job, you’d have to work hard and clear some exams also. That’s why they are paying you, right. Best luck to everybody.

        Thanks and best wishes for your career.

      • Hi dude, I left SBI P.O because of its work torture, I don’t know how u know, but what u said about SBI PO is correct, only people who run behind money and promotions forgetting there personal and family life can survive there. But please explain me more about AAO, bcoz its in my 1st preference, and I’m eligible for only 4 posts bcoz of age factor next are AEO, statistical investigator, CBI inspector. I work hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m born only to work. I want a peaceful job. Please guide me more about AAO at, even I would like to talk to u, so please mail me ur number. Thanks

    • Workload depends on many factors so don’t think too much about that right now. Both the posts have average work load which can be easily managed during regular office hours. Assistant in CSS is posted at Delhi and so you would get perfect atmosphere to prepare for UPSC and you can also join some coaching there if you want. Sat-Sun are off into both the posts except there is some urgency. As a Divisional Accountant, you would get more independence when compared to Assistant in CSS but you may be posted into some internal places. In such situations, you would be on your own to prepare for UPSC. Take your decision after considering everything.

      Thanks and best luck for success.

  3. Dear Sir , I am a commerce graduate and was also pursuing CA simultaneously but could only pass the CA PCC group 1 and thereafter I left the CA until I get a job So in this way I have studied Accounts, Audit, Economics and Statistics and done accounting work in tally and also done some audit assignment involving travelling across the country So sir should I put the AAO in top five considering the promotion chances.
    Kindly suggest the top five posts for me.

    • You should put AAO in yor top 5 as it’s a very good post with a 4800 Rs. Grade pay. For more information about preference list refer to this article.

      Thanks and wish you best of luck for success.

  4. Sir, please suggest book for practice – Paper-IV General Studies(Finance and Economics). I am preparing for UPSC. I have read some basic economics for UPSC GS paper iii.

    • This being a new post and a new paper as well not much info is available regarding which books to read. You should refer to the indicative syllabus given into the official notification and prepare according to that. Also no info about level of knowledge of paper IV has been given in official notification so instead of referring to books, you should go topic by topic. Try internet searching, school/college books of Economics and finance. We would publish any further info about this paper soon as we know about that. Happy learning. Thanks.

  5. Hello sir, I have read your post detail for AAO and ITI inspector. I applied AAO as 1st preference and ITI as 2nd, sir still I am confuse weather I applied right preference as per,

    1. Back up plan for UPSC.
    2. Post for Power to work.
    3. Job satisfaction.

    Please help me.

    • Don’t worry now as you have filled up the form already. Every post or job is good if you really want to prepare for UPSC as it depends on you how you manage your time. Other things like power and satisfaction would follow if you are good in your work and know how to interact with people. For now, focus on preparations of SSC CGL 2016 and get the best possible result.

      Wish you best of luck.

    • It’s a 4800 Rs. GP post so rest assured. That can be some kind of mistake, can you please send the link to the said PDF ? I’d check and let you know.

      Thanks and best luck for your career.

  6. Sir,
    One of my friends said that AAO has too much field work. He is not stable. Sir, in a year, on average how many months an AAO will be on field work ?

    • It’s not possible to say exactly how much you have to travel but yes, there will be travelling in the AAO job as you are supposed to go on audits. Also, some AAO’s are posted in the office posting so they may not have to travel much but it depends on your posting. About your second question, ITI has less field work when compared with AAO. There are much more desk postings in ITI post than AAO. You can get home state in both the post but you have to score very high for that as the competition is very high for both the posts.

      Thanks and best luck for your career.

  7. does graduate from any discipline can apply for CAG AAO or only commerce student opt for this post. because it is mention in to notification the person should be graduate in any discipline desired qualification is CA, CFA, CMA, etc.. but on page 5 note 4 it is mention person should be graduate in commerce… what is that i am not been able to understand that… please put some light on it..

    • Any graduate can apply for this post. Those who are coming with Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or with desirable qualification will preferably be
      allocated to Commercial stream. That is about where you would be posted after selection and not about eligibility for application.

      Best luck for career.

  8. Assistant Audit Officer – Work Profile

    Finally, UPSC has asked SSC to conduct direct recruitment for AAOs in IA&AD under CAG after a break of 6 years and these six years have resulted in more than 25% vacant seats in the cadre of AAO. Well I have seen some posts regarding the same like AAO job profile etc and very little things have been shared in there. Here, I being a DR AAO ,previously known as section officer, going to share some insights on the same . Today, after around 3 and half months I am little feeling relaxed after closing FY for a major PSU. So first of all you please don’t believe on things like that there is very less workload here. And that work load is less in field posting than HQ, total wrong conception. I personally with my Sr AO has sit for 4 days in a row uptill 4 AM in morning including Saturday and Sunday to check the accounts as you just can’t put your signature blindly on their audit very important thing which you must be aware of is that during field posting you have only second saturday off that too if you are lucky enough as most of the time the time allotted to us for auditing is not sufficient enough so we have to come on Saturday and Sunday also.During auditing you find it quite difficult to understand the work nature of auditing firm etc and believe nobody is going to help you there in your work as all govt firms are of the opinion that they must keep a distance from the auditors and should not help us in our work. However they give a good treatment to us because of their own personal gains like we don’t point out their ill doings etc. But what would you do when you find a bill for tea and ladoos for 2 lacs rupees , would you still put your signature there. Anyways I asked them to make adjustments and arrange more fake bills to adjust the amount I mean bifurcate. This is how we work else you could be put in serious situation, you may face gundas type people.hahaaha.. Yeah auditor is the only nice post in CAG who don’t have any responsibility . The work pressure is primarily on AAO, AO and Sr AO and yes our seniors AG and Dag are there to intensify such pressure who just calling continuously make our lives hell. You would not believe but it is kind of target job that you will have to find out this much number of irregularities in their accounts where you have gone for audit. Do you guys know why so many vacancies are there because Auditors are happy till Sr auditor, intelligent one never take promotion to AAO looking at our conditions . Female candidates be aware, this job is not for you, your life could be make hell here you would not found yourself comfortable with your male counterparts during field audits which is inevitable. I don’t want to let you down but guys I just felt like sharing the truth which was not there in any post I found. Ultimately you people need job and salary . BT I would say if you are getting good marks in SSC and could get other job make that your option. My friends in CSS are very much satisfied from there job. Even I tried for the same but was not lucky enough. At last it’s your take. My work is done. Feeling more relaxed now after sharing insights..

    XYZ, hahahaa can’t tell u my name, you know why

    Guys this is what I found from a guy. I also have marked my first preference as AAO.. But this thing has made me think twice.. However I am not good at finance and economics.. Let’s see, the thing is I need a job. That’s it..

    • Sir,
      Could you please tell me the promotion prospects ( with expected time limit and the maximum position one can reach) and also the place of posting i.e. whether the posting will be in State Capitals only or some other cities also?

      • I think this info is there in the article itself. Read ” Promotion of AAO” section.

        Best luck for your career.

    • Hi dude, I left SBI P.O because of its work torture, I don’t know how u know, but what u said about SBI PO is correct, only people who run behind money and promotions forgetting there personal and family life can survive there. But please explain me more about AAO, bcoz its in my 1st preference, and I’m eligible for only 4 posts bcoz of age factor next are AEO, statistical investigator, CBI inspector. I work hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m born only to work. I want a peaceful job. Please guide me more about AAO at, even I would like to talk to u, so please mail me ur number. Thanks.

      • I think instead of thinking about these illegal and corrupt things we should focus on positive aspects of all SSC CGL jobs. One can get a respectable position, good salary and fine social status through these jobs which is very important.

        Best wishes for your career.

  9. sir . my first preference in ssc is AAO and second CSS . i have a essential qualification but i don’t have a desirable qualification is it effect for my selection ?

    • No, it won’t affect selection but can play a role in where you would be posted if you are selected.

      Best luck for success.

    • We are soon posting a list of reference/preparation books for SSC CGL exam. You can subscribe to us and get updates directly into your mail inbox.

      Thanks and best luck.

  10. Sir, somebody told me that AAO will soon be All India Transfer liable post. Is this true or is there any proposal for it ????

    • According to official SSC CGL notification, Candidates selected for appointment are liable to serve anywhere in India
      i.e. all these posts (Offered through SSC CGL) carry All India Service Liability (AISL). So, in effect AAO is already “All India Transferable” post but generally you are hardly transferred outside the state you are posted initially unless you want it so. Relax and focus on preparations as the higher you score, higher the chances of getting posting in the state of your liking.

      Wish you best of luck for your career.

    • You should contact your concerned regional SSC office to get solution of the same. In my opinion, you should be able to download admit card if you have enough info like registration number and other such things. SMS, Email received from SSC may help. Contact regional SSC office if you get any trouble.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Where you would be posted has not much to do with desired qualification. You would be posted in the office as well as in the field as per the requirement of department and Govt of India.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  11. Sir,
    if i want to work only in my home town for the entire career which job should i choose ?? My state is telengana

    • No 100% guarantee in any post as all SSC CGL posts come with AISL (All India Service Liability) but you can get a job in Central Excise, CAG, Income Tax or India Post and can spend most of the working life in your home state. There’s a chance even you can spend the whole career in your home state. Best luck for that.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  12. sir after clearing tier1(pre) tier2(mains) and tier3(descpriptive). also required to clear tier4(Finance and Economics) to get a job in AAO. sir please comment.
    because i have put in my 1st preference.

    • I think you have to clear that exam to be confirmed as an AAO. But there is limited info available in this regard so wait till the final picture is cleared. But in my opinion if one can get selected as an AAO then he would be able to pass SAS exam also.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  13. This is the first time when SSC is going to conduct a gazetted post AAO. In 2010 when SSC had conducted SAS Apprentice exam then it was clearly mentioned in the notification that one has to clear SAS exam compulsory. But in this notification of SSC CGL 2016 it has not been mentioned. Because this is a gazzeted post first time directly. However SAS apprentice and SO( Audit) were not directly gazzeted.
    In SAS apprentice and SO audit one had to clear SAS part1 and 2 which takes minimum 2 to 3 years and after clearing that they were awarded gazetted designation. But this time AAO direct a gazzeted post with the final approval of Govt of India and with consultant with CAG and UPSC.
    However a confirmation test can be done during service as in Income Tax and Central Excise which has no fear to clear because class 1 5400 gp officer of CAG and Cgda also have a accounts and audit test during there training who were selected through UPSC. Which of only a general nature.
    So without any hesitation and fear one should go for AAO..
    One thing I will also want to say many candidates has a dilemma having a powerful post but all these are false. Not an Iti excise has a power to arrest.And CSS has a very workload department. Only IAS, IPS and other Group A has powers.
    So don’t think about any greed but concentrate on your preparation. After selection for any post do your job with honesty. You will feel a great satisfaction.
    Best of Luck

  14. Sir,

    I have applied for the post of Assistant Audit officer in CAG and cleared tier 1.
    My question is that if I appear for and fail miserably in Paper 4 (Accounts and Finance, Economics and Governance) how will that affect my overall score and selection for other posts.

    I have no knowldge of the subject and too little time to prepare. Kindly oblidge by providing suggestions that how should I plan my preparation.

    • I think when you are not selected for AAO post your score in Paper 4 won’t be counted for selection in other posts. I’d suggest you to focus more on Paper – 1,2,3 as you can get selected for many other posts with the scores of those papers.

      Best wishes for your career.

  15. Hi Sir,
    is this AAO job is direct interview job or any written exam need to clear for applying for this post. as i am CA can i apply directly for this post.

    CA Roopa Sharma

    • You are required to clear SSC CGL to get this post. There is no interview but you have to clear paper 1,2 & 4 of SSC CGL. If you haven’t applied for SSC CGL 2016 then you can apply for SSC CGL 2017. Read official notification of SSC CGL 2017, when published, to know more about eligibility and qualification.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • No food coupons or anything like that I believe. You’ll get DA, HRA, TA etc as allowances. Provision of Government accommodation depends on availability but you get HRA when you don’t get Government accommodation.

      Best wishes for your career.

    • Yes, you can apply. Desirable qualification isn’t compulsory. It may be considered for your posting into particular section after selection and that’s it.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • No fixed rules. Depends on administrative requirement and transfer policies which keep changing.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • You can apply for SSC CGL 2017 if you have completed your graduation. If you score enough to get AAO post, you’d get a job. Your chances depend on how hard you work for SSC CGL and what score you get.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  16. Sir, this time in SSC CGL 2017 Notification, there are two AAO Posts, one is Assistant Audit Officer and another one is Assistant Account Officer. Could you please tell me the difference between this two posts in terms of work profile, etc..

    • Assistant Audit Officer works in audit sections while Assistant Account Officer works in various accounting sections (No or very less field work) as long as I know. Keep trying to know more and share in comments if you find something useful.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  17. Sir I have a graduation degree in english honours. Can I apply for assistant audit officer post under CAG

  18. sir ,is this sas exam is conducted directly after final result of ssc cgl …???
    and can joining extension be taken for aao post???

    • You can appear in SAS exam after joining the job. You should contact the office where you would be joining for inquiries regarding extension of joining date. Generally, most of the departments allow you some limited extension if you apply for that.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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