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If you are interested in foreign postings and want to work like an Ambassador of India someday, Assistant in MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) is the post you should keep at No.1 in your preference list. It is just another Assistant post if you consider other factors but it is more competitive than them due to some differences. One thing, there are very few posts of Assistant MEA offered into SSC CGL and many students compete for that and so this post is generally filled up very fast and on high ranks. Second thing, foreign postings. In this post, you would get posting in Delhi for 3 years and then 3 years in foreign if you are Assistant (General) and 6 years in foreign if you are Assistant (Cypher). While in foreign, you would get some extra perks apart from your salary. Let’s know more about that and other things in detail. Read on.

Complete job profile of asssistant in css

Salary and perks of Assistant MEA (General and Cypher)

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Assistant MEA (General and Cypher) would be 44,900 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Assistant MEA (General and Cypher) in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Other than these regular benefits, while you are on foreign postings, you would get some other allowances. You will get US $1800 to US $2000 as a Foreign Allowance and US $ 400- US $600 as other allowances such as heating or cold allowance. These allowances are before 7th pay commission, they may change or improve in 7th pay commission. Your child would get to study in good school / colleges of the country you are posted at and you and your family members would also get very nice medical facilities. All these things would be at the cost of the government of India. Don’t think too much about allowances as expenses would also be high in foreign countries. Yet, you would be able to save more in comparison with Delhi posting and that too with a better life style than Delhi. You would also get fully furnished 3 BHK house with all the facilities while on foreign postings.

Work profile of Assistant MEA (General and Cypher)

As an Assistant in MEA, mostly you would deal with files if you are general assistant. Your work would be of desk nature and you would work in day shift only. If you are selected as an assistant (cypher), then you would work into coding – decoding of confidential messages. You would also learn some highly confidential and secure communication coding languages. In the cypher post, you would also have to work in shifts as you would have to deal with different countries and different time zones.

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Promotion opportunities for Assistant MEA

Promotion wise Assistant MEA post is very good if you clear the departmental exam in time. You would get your first promotion in around 6-8 years. With first promotion, you would become Administrative Officer (A.O.). The second promotion in this post is of Under Secretary which is a Group – A, IFS level post. You may get a second promotion in around 8 years. After this promotion, you would be allotted batch year by UPSC and you would become an IFS officer. Next promotions in this post are Deputy Secretary, in around 8 years, Director, in around 5-6 years, Joint Secretary, in around 4-5 years. In small countries, Director is posted as a Head of the Mission (Consulate General of India). As a Joint Secretary, you may become an Ambassador of India.

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Where to put Assistant MEA (General and Cypher) in your preference list if you are a male candidate

It totally depends on you if you are interested in foreign postings or not. If you are interested, it should be No.1 or No.2 in your preference list. Also, note that if you are not on foreign posting, you would get posting in Delhi. Only if you can manage posting in RPO ( Regional Passport Office ) in your hometown or other place, you would go outside Delhi.

Where to put Assistant MEA (General and Cypher) in your preference list if you are a female candidate

Same goes for girls. If you want to go for foreign postings or ready to live in Delhi then this post should be in top 3 of your list. You may also get a home posting in RPO, but there are many ifs and buts, so think about that before deciding on the final list.

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Conclusion of Assistant MEA (General and Cypher) job profile

This is the only post in SSC CGL where you can get foreign posting but otherwise you would be in Delhi. Good and respected job you can get by clearing SSC CGL. Also, in foreign countries you can get postings in good countries but you can also get postings in hard countries like Afghanistan, Kuwait. A list of some cities for posting of Assistant MEA is as below.

A+: New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Wellington, Geneva, etc.
A: London, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Tokyo, Berlin, etc.
B: Shikago, Warshaw, Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Stockholm, Moscow, etc.
C: Thimpu, Kuwait, Manila, Bangkok, Hawana, etc.
HARD-C: Kabul, Damascus, Kandhar, Mazar-e-Sarif, etc.( posting for 1.5 to 2 years )

This is it for now.

Best wishes for the bright future.


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38 thoughts on “Assistant in MEA Job Profile

    • Well for this year (SSC CGL 2016 ), there is no mention of Assistant (Cypher) post in official notification so you can leave thinking about that for now. As mentioned in the article, A Cypher works as a coder-decoder of secret languages for official and sensitive communications. We have this much info.

    • It’s not once in a lifetime. It depends on your choice and ministry’s requirement. Mostly, if you want to go for foreign posting you may get one in every 6 year but if you don’t want to go then you can live in Delhi and work in a HQ. You can also get a posting in passport offices.

      Best wishes for your future. Thanks.

    • That’s very tough to predict, sir. Cut offs and merits are changing all the time and so we only advise students to try hard and score as high as possible. Though, thanks for the nice suggestion. We may put the cut offs from previous years SSC CGL along with the post descriptions.

      Thanks. Keep coming back with your suggestions.

  1. What is the total salary of MEA general post while posting in Delhi and what is the total salary while posting in foreign country ?

    • Normal salary of Assistant when you are posted in India while on foreign postings you would get some extra allowances which we have discussed in the post. For more info, you can visit site of MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) or ask somebody working there. Let us know if you find something useful for every candidate.

      Thanks and best luck for success.

  2. Hi Author,
    Though I read that its difficult to predict the score required for this job. But could you mention the probable ranking it might require ? Like Between which Rankings.
    Thank you.

    • That also depends on many factors like total final vacancy of the post, category of the candidate and some other things like that. Though if you are coming from General category, you should at least try to get into the top 200 to have any chance for this post as there is a good competition for this post.

      Best luck for the success.



    • Yes, you would be sent for foreign posting after 3 years of posting in Delhi as per info with us. For more info, you may inquire with the office of MEA or official site of MEA.

      Thanks and best of luck.

  4. thanks for your prompt reply sir…..

    i would like to know that can we opt to stay in delhi through out our job or is there any compulsion to go on foreign posting after three years in delhi…

    • Generally, if you don’t want that, you may avoid the foreign postings but nothing is for sure. It’s up to ministry authorities to decide where to post you. If you want to be in Delhi only then you should go for Assistant in CSS post where there are more chances to stay in Delhi for the whole career.

      Thanks and best luck.

  5. You have mentioned here the Medical facilities , and in other posts of CGL only , you have not mentioned there , is there no medical facilities in other SSC assistant and SI posts

    • Here, we are talking about medical facilities when one is on foreign posting. To answer you question, Of course, you’d get medical facilities and other facilities available to every govt of India employee in any post you can get through SSC CGL.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  6. Sir,i want to know if a girl choose this post then :
    1.if she want to stay at delhi is she got a preference?
    2.what are the process i can get this post
    3.minimum marks on which i can get this job.
    4.give me proper guidance regarding ssc exam also

    • Ans 1 . Yes, you can request for Delhi posting and it can happen but no 100% surety id there. If you want only Delhi postings then Assistant in CSS is perhaps better option.

      Ans 2. You are supposed to clear SSC CGL exam. You can keep the posts you want to work at the top of your preference list and then prepare hard and get a very high score to achieve the post of your liking.

      Ans 3. It’s not about minimum or maximum marks. It’s a competitive exam and you are supposed to score higher then other candidates and get a higher SSC CGL rank to get a job. Though there are qualifying scores required in skill test and some other things. Read official notification carefully to know more about this.

      Ans 4 . Keep reading on this site and official site of SSC to be updated about SSC CGL exam. Also subscribe to us to receive all new posts directly into your inbox or like us on Facebook to receive updates in your Facebook feeds.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  7. I wanted to know if we want to visit our home in India when we are posted abroad will we get leaves easily or not nd whether government pays for the convenience or we have to deal with that.
    2. If sometime in our life we feel like settling in india(delhi) and not to visit foreign countries anymore will we get the liberty or it’s totally departments call… Pls ansr sir…

    • About your first question, nothing can be predicted about leaves as it depends on administrative requirement. They do get to and from tickets for the place of posting when they are posted at certain place but I don’t have idea about travelling in between the posting duration. We’d try to get this info. We’d post it here if we get that.

      Generally, you are asked about your preferences and if you want to stay in India only there should not be a problem but again it depends on the requirement of Govt of India. If there is a policy change or if ministry wants you to go for some posting then you may have to go. As long as I know, they generally give some options to choose from before sending somebody for foreign posting so you should be fine. It’s a good job so relax and focus on preparations to get it if you are dreaming about it. You have to score very high to get this or any other good job through SSC CGL.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Depends on so many things but this seems impossible as generally people are posted in various kind of countries according to hardship of the places. Yet, final decision remains with the MEA ministry and its’ HR policies in force.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  8. SIr Though I HAVE head many things about MEA my question are something different:

    1. Is there stagnation in promotion like in Excise due to A single ministry with a heirarchial job structure and IFS at the helm of it.
    2. WHile in india Is it possible that can be posted outside delhi …( i am a delhii walal) …like in regional passport offices ?

    3. what about a spouse in CSS and me in MEA can she be Deputed here or me there in that scenario.?

    • 1. Promotions are generally slower as long as I have heard but yet better than excise.
      2. Mostly, you’d be posted in Delhi. There are chances of RPO postings but I believe there are so many willing people to go for it so if you are not willing you may be able to avoid it. Also, all such things depend on the discretion of concerning ministry or department and that may change in future. My advice is be ready for everything. Hope for the best and be ready for the worst.
      3. Spouse ground always helps in posting when in govt job as it is generally considered sympathetically. Yet, that doesn’t guarantee anything and you have to be ready to work at places which are not your first choice.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Not examination but there will be a general medical test by the concerned dept where you get the job. It would mostly happen in nearby government/civil hospital. Read official notification to know more about it,

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  9. Hi Sir,
    1)If I got in ASO in MEA ,After initial 3 years in Delhi Will I be able to get foreign posting entire career instead of 3 in foreign and 3 in Delhi ?

    2)How much I can save if got foreign posting having an average lifestyle?


    • 1) I think it’s not possible according to the current policy of MEA and also it’s a matter of ministry policy so can’t say anything for sure.

      2) Depends on personal preference and country of posting. It may be different for different person but if you are willing to save then you can save everywhere.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  10. hello sir,
    After first 2 years of my service.I wanted to stay in foreign countries through out my career til my retirement.Is it possible or in between do we have to come to Delhi?
    And if we are coming back to Delhi from abroad then again after how many years can we again go to abroad.

    • I think that would not be possible according to current policies though all these things depend on MEA’s discretion so can’t predict anything. For now, it is like 3 years in foreign country and 3 years in India (Delhi).

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  11. sir, I want a good job in my home state jammu and Kashmir, which is the best job through SSC in which a person is posted in his home state for entire career??

    • You can opt for Central Excise Inspector (CGST & C.EX now), ITI, DA, Auditor etc kind of jobs. These departments have their offices across India including J & K so you have a good chance of getting home posting.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  12. sir i want know that in MEA as a assistant if a canditate wants to take his/her family with him/her will he/she allow to take them and will govement issue a visa for visiting other country to candidate’s family member

    • I believe they do allow spouse and children to accompany the employees. Visit MEA website and inquire with MEA office to know more about this thing.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Maybe when you join the job, you could get a complete list from MEA. We don’t have such list, sorry.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

      • I am very interested in this job so When and Where will we know the dates and exams for this post and the filling up of forms.

        • Just keep in touch with this site and official SSC site for updates regarding SSC CGL 2018 exam through which you can get this job.

          Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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