Assistant in Railway Ministry Job Profile

In this article series, we are analysing various posts offered into SSC CGL exam and providing profile/ details of every post. In this article, we would discuss about Assistant in Railway Ministry job profile.

Assistant in Railway Ministry is one very good job offered through SSC CGL exam right now. It’s a Group – B interview post in Indian Railways. As you know very well, Indian Railways is a Government of India owned railway network. It is one of the largest and longest railway networks of the world. It has a track of around 1,15,000 km along with 7112 stations. It is operated by Ministry of Railways. As an Assistant in Railways, you would work in the Ministry of Railways. Let’s know more about Assistant in Railway Ministry Job Profile.

Salary of Assistant in Railway Ministry

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Assistant in Railway Ministry would be 44,900 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Assistant in Railway Ministry in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

You will also get some other benefits of being a railway employee. That includes 1 pass (AC tier-2) for family ( to and fro) anywhere in India free and 3 passes (AC tier-2) for family (to and fro) in which you are required to pay 1/3 of total fare amount and yearly bonus which is not there in any other department. While you are travelling, you can stay in Railway homes at very low rate so there’s an added benefit.

Work profile of Assistant in Railway Ministry

This being an Assistant post, your work would be just like Assistant in CSS or any other Assistant post. You would most probably be posted at Rail Bhawan in Delhi or any other railway office in big cities. You would deal with so many files, reports and do many kinds of paper and clerical work. As you are not decision taking authority, you are supposed to put up files to the higher authorities who are generally group – A officers. There’s a normal workload which can be easily handled.

Promotion of Assistant in Railway Ministry

Like any other Assistant in Ministry post, your first promotion would be of Section Officer. You should get that promotion in around 8-9 years, not sure though. Do try to know more about promotion of Assistant in Railway Ministry and let me know if you find something useful for all candidates. Further promotions in this post should be of Under secretary, Deputy secretary and Director. All these posts involve more or less file work but your responsibilities and decision taking capacities would increase with each promotion.

Where to put Assistant in Railway Ministry post in your SSC CGL preference list if you are a female candidate

It should be somewhere around Assistant in CSS or Assistant in MEA. It should be in Top-10 of your SSC CGL preference list but I recommend that you keep it after ITI, Central Excise Inspector, Assistant CSS, Assistant in MEA.

Assistant in Railway Ministry post in preference list of a male candidate

If you are a male candidate, it should be in top 10 of your preference list according to your personality and liking. If you are a peace loving guy who want a white collar job in Delhi along with social status and interaction, you should keep it up in your preference list along with other Assistant in Ministries posts. But, if you want a job with more adventurous and more lucrative nature, you should go for Income Tax Inspector, Preventive Officer, Examiner or Central Excise Inspector post. In that situation, Assistant in Railway Ministry post can be at no.8,9,10 in your preference list.

Conclusion of Assistant in Railway Ministry post profile

We have tried to give you a general idea in this Assistant in Railway Ministry job profile, yet you should try to get more first hand information before opting for this job.

Best luck for the bright future.

53 thoughts on “Assistant in Railway Ministry Job Profile

    • Yes. You are eligible if you are qualified according to all the other requirements. The gap is not a concern as long as you are graduate and your age hasn’t crossed the upper limit. Read everything about SSC CGL exam here.

      Thanks and wish you best luck for the bright career.

    • Yes. If you can get necessary qualification (Graduation) before 1/8/2016, you can apply for SSC CGL 2016. Read 6(C) of official notification to know more about this.

    • Yes but not for all posts. For some posts like Central Excise Inspector, Preventive Officer, SI in CBI etc. certain physical standards are required. Check official notification of SSC CGL 2016 to know more about that.

      Wish you best of luck for your career.

    • If you can get your final graduation result (You should be passed) before 1/8/2016, you can apply for it. Read official notification to know more about it. Click on the link to go for official notification.

      SSC CGL 2016

      Wish you best luck for the bright success.

    • Mostly, you would get a posting in Mumbai. There are less chances of getting posting outside Delhi but you may get one. If you want a home posting then you should try for posts like Central Excise Inspector, ITI, AEO, DA, Auditor etc.

      Thanks and best luck.

    • Yes, there is a chance. One can be posted into regional HQs of railways apart from Rail Bhawan in Delhi.

      Best luck for your career.

  1. sir i am final mech student i completed my examination i would receive my result on before june then i got my degree certificate on after one year by university rule if i apply or not for CGL examinations sir but i applied sir

    • I think if you get the final year mark sheet before 1st August 2016 you should be eligible for SSC CGL 2016. If you are asked for graduation certificate you may state the reasons for not getting it then. Try and call your regional Staff Selection Commission office to know more about it.

      Best luck for success.

    • You can opt for Assistant in CSS, Assistant in Railway and other Assistant posts in which you can live in Delhi and prepare for UPSC.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • I don’t think so as SSC doesn’t allow it. Yet keep checking official SSC website regularly to know about any such opportunity.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Not any particular physical requirement. Nature of Physical Disabilities permissible for the post includes OA, OL, B, BL, OAL, LV & HH. Go through official notification carefully to know more.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  2. Good Mornng Sir,

    I’m an arts graduate and have completed my graduation in 2001. I am eligible for this job or not??


    • Any graduate is fine but you have to check age limit for eligibility. Send me your DOB and Category and I’d check or read the official notification carefully and you’ll get idea.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • You may be eligible if you can get your final result before 1st of August. Also you should be passed in your final year exam which is the essential requirement. Read official notification of SSC CGL 2017 for more info.

      Best wishes for your career.

  3. Sir, can i get chance to play for Indian Railway if i get selected in ssc cgl for post of ASSISTANT in railway deprt.?
    What are the criteria for playing cricket in railways by working on this post?
    Please tell.

    • I think any Indian Railway employee can get into Railway cricket team given that he is selected. Many inter department tournaments are played in Railways where you can show your talent and try to get into the main team.

      Best wishes for your career.

  4. Sir I really want to stay in Delhi after posting not at other place and I love railways. Should I put this post in my first place of preference list ?

    • No. It’s a basic salary (44,900). You’ll get DA, HRA, TA etc. also. DA starts from 0% with the implementation of new 7th pay commission. From July-2016 the new DA declared by Govt of India is 2%. Also, currently the employees of Govt. of India are getting HRA,TA according to 6th pay commission which will be revised soon after final decision of committee formed by govt for this purpose.

      Best wishes for your career.

  5. Sir,i want to know an approx rank that i require to get this post(assistant in railway ministry)…m a girl with obc category…

    • Not that I know of. Read official notification carefully though to know all about eligibility criterion.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  6. Sir, im final year bsc(forensic) student. I want to become assistant in railway. Being a woman can i apply. And how to apply

    • You can apply in SSC CGL 2017. Notification of SSC CGL 2017 should come around Feb – 2017 (Expected). I think any gender can apply for any post of SSC CGL so you can definitely apply given you complete your graduation in time.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  7. Sir, what are the parameters of physical exam for the posts of inspector etc, is too hard or medium to qualify for?
    Does it includes flat foot and knocking knees as for S.I post in police.

    • I’d say they are of medium difficulty but you can read official notification to know more about them. Generally in SSC CGL Exam, physical test includes Walking : 1600 meters in 15 minutes and Cycling : 8 Kms. In 30 minutes for male candidates and it should not be too tough for normal fit person.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  8. is it possible to get hyderabad posting for assistant in ministry of railways ?? how long would it take to join the job after the declaration of result???

    • Normally, Assistant in ministry of Railways are posted in Delhi (in Rail Bhawan) so less possibilities for Hyderabad posting. You should try for ITI, C.EX.Inspector, AAO, Preventive Officer and DA kind of posts with a good departmental network all over the country. You’ll have more chances of home posting in those posts. The time taken for issuance of appointment letter after declaration of result is different for various department but you can expect around 6-9 months of time between result and final joining. It may take less, it may take more.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  9. sir, could you tell me that physical test in ssc cgl includes parameters like flatfoot and knocking knees like that in S.I. in police.

    • As far as I know, there are no such tests for any of SSC CGL Posts. Only minimum chest requirement, walking and cycling tests are there. Read official notification to know everything about such things in detail.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  10. Sir I am Imtiyaz alam from bihar sir ministry of railway ke liye ssc cgl me something kitna rank chahiye Ho please sir reply

    • At least under 1000 at India level. Try and get as high rank is possible to make sure to get the job of your choice.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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