Auditor SSC CGL Job Profile

In this article series, we are analysing various posts offered into SSC CGL exam and providing profile/ details of every post. We have already discussed several popular interview posts and so now, it’s time to discuss some nice and important non interview posts. In this article, we’d start with Auditor SSC CGL post. You can also call it an Auditor SSC CGL Job Profile.

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What is Auditor SSC CGL post?

Auditor post is offered by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) through Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination which is conducted every year in various stages. The post of Auditor is definitely the best non interview post offered by SSC through CGL. It’s a Group – C post. When you are selected for this job, you can get posting in three different Central Government Offices or Organisations namely C & AG, CGDA and CGA. There are various things to know and factors to consider before you opt for this job and to let you know about them, we are writing this post.

So now, let’s know more about Auditor SSC CGL post.

Salary of Auditor SSC CGL

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Auditor SSC CGL would be 29,200 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Auditor SSC CGL in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Work profile of Auditor SSC CGL

As an Auditor, you would work in some C & AG, CGDA or CGA office.

Work profile of Auditor in C & AG

If you are posted into C & AG, you will be posted in the state AG office which is generally situated in a state capital or sometime into other big city of the state. In any case, if you are selected in C & AG, you can live in a big city which can be a better thing for your life style and other social and educational requirements. Work would involve auditing of various government departments and offices but with the guidance of seniors and after training. Initially you would feel more like a clerk than an auditor but after learning the tricks of auditing records, you would be good to work as an auditor.

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Work profile of Auditor in CGDA

If you are posted into CGDA, you can be posted anywhere in the country as army account offices are at many places in India. Here, your work would be passing various bills and also auditing them. There are various sections where you can be posted like factory command, PAO office and like that. Your work would almost be the same everywhere and there isn’t so much pressure so you can live your life in a relaxed manner.

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Work profile of Auditor in CGA

If you are posted into CGA, which is the Principal Accounts Adviser to the Government Of India, you would be working in a PAO (Pay and Account Office), Divisional Offices, Sub divisional offices under various ministries. Your work would be more like an account clerk who would prepare and pass bills, clearing pension, GPF cases and maintaining accounts of various ministries as CGA is the apex accounting body in the Government Of India. You may also get to work in the internal auditing wing of CGA in which you would assist or conduct audits of offices under CGA. For the place of posting, I have attached a list of CGA offices below which I have found on CGA website. As you would see, Offices are at many places in India but most are in the big cities and many of them are in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. So, you should mostly get a posting in a good city and may be at your choice place. Best luck for that.

List of CGA offices in India along with contact details

Promotion of Auditor SSC CGL

You have to be confirmed as an Auditor before getting any promotion from there. It is same in all the three organizations. For that you have to clear the departmental confirmation exam of Auditor which you can give after completion of one year in the job. If you are posted into non – home state, then you’ll also have to pass regional language exam which can be tougher for you then the confirmation exam itself. After clearing this confirmation exam, you have two ways to get a promotion from the Auditor post. First, by clearing SAS (Subordinate Accounts/Audit Service) and second by seniority. Although, there are some differences in promotion policies of all three organizations. Let’s know about their promotion policies.

Promotion of Auditor in C & AG

Promotion wise this is good post. After confirmation, you can appear for SAS (Subordinate Account Service) exam after completion of 2 years of service as an Auditor. After clearing the SAS exam, you can become AAO (Assistant Audit Officer) in CAG which is a group-B gazetted post with a grade pay of 4800 Rs.

If you can’t clear the SAS exam then you may have to wait for your regular promotion. First promotion in that way would be of Senior Auditor which you may get in around 3 years of service. Senior Auditor is a Group C post in a 4200 Rs. grade pay. After which, you can get a promotion of Welfare Assistant/Supervisor post or you can also keep trying and clear SAS exan and become AAO. Further promotions from AAO are of Audit Officer (A.O.), Senior Audit Officer (Sr.A.O.), Assistant Accountant General, Deputy Accountant General. It takes a long time in getting promotion of AAG or DAG and few people get these promotions.

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Promotion of Auditor in CGA

It’s almost like in C & AG. You can clear the SAS exam and become AAO or you can be promoted as a Senior Auditor after completion of three years in service. All other things are almost the same.

Promotion of Auditor in CGDA

In this post also, there are two ways to get a promotion. First, by clearing SAS exam and second, by regular departmental promotion but there’s a small difference in CGDA when it comes to a departmental promotion. Instead of three years period in CGA and CGDA, in CGDA you are eligible for your first promotion after six years of service after the recent change. This is one smaller disadvantage regarding to promotion in CGDA. The decision of CGDA is contested by unions in CAT and the decision of their appeal may or may not change this rule. Other promotions are same just like other two Auditor posts.

Where to put Auditor post in your SSC CGL preference list if you are a female candidate

It’s a post which is also fine for girls as the work involved is of desk nature and also there are less transfers and your preferences are somewhat considered. Yet, it should be on around no.10-11 in your preference list. You should keep it after Income Tax Inspector, Assistant in CSS, Central Excise Inspector, or all the other Assistant posts and interview posts of your liking and Divisional Accountant post. You can also get a home posting in this job if you are selected in CAG as it has offices in all the states of the country. In CGA and CGDA, there are higher chances of getting posting in Delhi.

Auditor SSC CGL post in preference list of a male candidate

If you are a male candidate, it should be after top 10 which should consist of good interview posts. If you are a peace loving guy who want a white collar job near to home along with reasonable social status and interaction, this post is your first choice in non-interview posts. But, if you want a job with more adventurous and more lucrative nature, you should try and score more for Examiner, Preventive Officer, AEO, Central Excise Inspector or Income Tax Inspector. You would have a better career with better growth in those posts when compared with Auditor SSC CGL post.

Conclusion of Auditor SSC CGL post profile

We have tried to give you a general idea in this Auditor SSC CGL post profile yet you should try to get more first hand information before opting for this job. It is definitely a good post with a 2800 Rs. grade pay if you can’t get any of the 4600 Rs. or 4200 Rs. grade pay interview posts. We hope you have got a good idea about Auditor SSC CGL post in this article. For more such information, keep visiting this site or subscribe to us to get all new posts directly into your mail inbox. To subscribe, just add your mail id in right side box and submit and then confirm subscription by confirming from your mail id.

Thank you and Wish you best luck for the bright future.

36 thoughts on “Auditor SSC CGL Job Profile

  1. Via SAS exam and via pass confirmed exam in one chanse how much time will be needed to became AAO 4800 grade pay officer after joining in first stage of auditor post ?

  2. Sir, I am B.Tech mechanical engineer with honours degree. Can I apply for the post of auditor, accountant and tax consultant?

    • Yes, you can. You only need to be graduate from any stream and you can apply for almost all the posts of SSC CGL. Read official notification to know more about posts and eligibility criteria.

      Thanks and wishing you for the bright success in your career.

  3. Is there any requred of persenage in graduation? I have 51% marks in graduation then i am eligible for auditor post or not ?

    • It depends on the department/job you are selected in but it usually takes 3-6 months after result which is not too long.

      Best luck for your career.

    • Yes, you can. Several types of disabilities are permitted for several posts. Read official notification carefully to know more about the posts you may be eligible for.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  4. i was selected in cga auditor in cgl-2015, when would i get joining and where from i can get updates related to cga auditor joining. in CAG they publish it on websites and already started joining process, but i have no idea about cga auditor. please help

    • Keep checking CGA websites for this info. You can also call their head office to know more about it.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  5. i ve been selected as auditor in DGA(p&t) kapurthala…will i be posted in kapurthala or are there any subdivisions within the zone, where a person can transferred or posted..and are there any transfers outside the zone other than mutual transfers..?

    • These are the questions you should ask to DGA office near you as they should have better idea about it. Just visit the office and ask some experienced person working there.

      Best wishes for your career.

  6. Sir, I want to know is there any training after clearing SSC exam for this asst audit officer. If its then how many months? And sir I have one more question, can we take long leave for preparing upsc exams , will they give.

    • Read AAO Job profile to know about all the things regarding AAO post. Granting of leave depends on the requirement of the office and that may vary but generally you should be able to get some leaves.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  7. This year (2016-17) there are no interviews and my name is in 4th list of tier 2, so which post preferences I should give and plz tell if I can opt for inspector posts or not?

    • What posts to put in preference depends on individual choice only. Read about several posts and decide accordingly. Also, you can opt for inspector posts if you wish. Income Tax Inspector can be a good choice. If you want to live in Delhi then you can opt for Assistant in CSS,CVC or Railway Ministry also.

      Best wishes for your career.

      • Thanks. But I wish to know if I can apply for the posts which were previously considered among interview posts as my name and marks are accordingly in list 4.

    • No Blind (B) or Low Vision (LV) disabilities are permitted for this post according to SSC CGL 2016 official notification. So, I think color blind candidates may not be eligible for this post but there are other posts for which they can apply. Read official notification to know more about this.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  8. Really helpful.. Only one thing I want to know.. Is a person having heavy glasses but no color blindness eligible for an auditor under cgda?

  9. Sir, what are the chances of getting home posting in CGDA, I’m from kerala. Also, how long is the training period?

    • There are offices of CGDA in Kerala so you can get posting in Kerala if you can get required rank/score. Visit this site to know more about this department and post.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • No uniform as far as I know. Clean shave or not depends on the office and the authority you are working with. Nice professional attire and personality would only help in developing a positive image of you as an employee.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  10. Sir can someone apply for the job of auditor..if they have biology in 12th class and thn graduation with english honrs??
    Pllss rply sir

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