Best Reasoning books for SSC CGL Preparation

Hello friends/students. In the previous article we discussed about the best Maths/Q.A. books for SSC CGL preparations. Hope you have liked our list. In this post, we would discuss about the best Reasoning books for SSC CGL preparation. Before taking decision of buying any book, check out all the books and also read reviews of them on various online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart etc. Decide and buy the one you feel would be useful for your SSC CGL preparations.

Let’s have a look at the best reasoning books for SSC CGL and other important competitive exams.

1. Kiran’S SSC Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers 7200+ Objective Questions – English 2016

This book contains more than 7200 questions from previous SSC reasoning papers. Questions are given in chapter wise manner. Each chapter has been explained in details followed by questions with solutions. As the questions are from old papers, you’ll get a good idea about how your SSC CGL Reasoning paper would be. So many questions also mean that you can get a lot of practice and improve your speed and accuracy with the help of this book.

2. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

This is one of the old and most popular reasoning books for preparations of various aptitude and competitive exams.
It contains almost all the chapters of verbal and non verbal reasoning along with more than enough questions for every chapter. Also, the questions start from basic difficulty level with explanation of every new pattern of questions. That can help you when you are practising by your self without any help. Some questions of this book are taken from various competitive exams taken in India while some are from the writer-publisher so it’s a good mixture. This book should be your one stop for all your reasoning section preparations for your next competitive exams. One more thing is that this book is also good for so many other competitive exams along with SSC exams. You can study this book for Banking exams, LIC exams, UPSC CSAT, CMAT etc.

3. Analytical Reasoning by M.K.Pandey

This book can help you well in developing your analytical reasoning skills. All the concepts of analytical reasoning are well explained along with several practice examples of every concept. Also note that this book does not cover all the reasoning chapters that can be asked in various competitive exams. But, it can help you for the major part of analytical reasoning section. As all the concepts are explained in detail you may be able to develop deeper understanding of analytical reasoning. Get this book when you think you are ready to dig deeper in the concepts of analytical reasoning.

That’s it for our suggestions on the best reasoning books for SSC CGL.

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