Central Excise Inspector Job Profile

Central Excise Inspector is one of the very popular Group – B SSC CGL posts. Central Excise Inspector works in CBEC(Central Board of Excise and Customs) like two other SSC CGL posts Examiner and Preventive Officer. But, unlike Examiner and Preventive Officer who are posted in only coastal cities, a Central Excise Inspector can be posted anywhere in India. Central Excise department is spread throughout the country like Income Tax department and have offices in many A,B and C class cities. In this job, you have a good chances to get a home posting. It has been a choice of many candidates for years. Let’s know more about it in detail. Read on.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Salary of Central Excise Inspector

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Central Excise Inspector would be 44,900 Rs. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. (Latest : It’s 2 % from July-2016). Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA and other expenses reimbursed in this post while on official tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Central Excise Inspector in 7th pay commission.

Work profile of Central Excise Inspector

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As a Central Excise Inspector, you would get postings of various type and in various offices. You will get postings in ranges, divisions, headquarters, custom houses, ports and at some other places. Like any other SSC CGL executive posts, you would get either field or office/ desk posting. If you are posted in office, just like other SSC jobs, you will do a lot of file and paperwork. You will also make many reports and presentations in the desk posting. In field posting, your work would involve many tasks. You would monitor and seal goods, which are to be exported, with excise dept. seal. You would also keep watch on manufacturers and verify their units and registers whenever required and you are ordered to do so. When somebody applies for new registration, You would assist in verification process before giving the final registration. You would also assist the search or raid teams whenever you are posted in Preventive wing or specially ordered for that. You will also get postings in Service Tax department as it is also under Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). You will also get to work in Customs in some states like Gujarat, Rajasthan where separate customs department doesn’t exist and officers from Central Excise are posted to Customs on deputation basis. While posted in customs, you will work like Preventive Officer and do all the customs executive work like a regular Customs or Preventive Officer.

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Promotion opportunities for Central Excise Inspector

Promotion wise Central Excise Inspector post is not that great. That is the reason why even after being a very good post, it is less preferred in comparison with Examiner, Preventive Officer or Income Tax Inspector post. A Central Excise Inspector gets his first promotion in around 10-12 years and it differs from zone to zone. You will have to pass the confirmation test in the first two years to get confirmed. You will be eligible for the first promotion after qualifying period of 8 years. With first promotion, you would become Superintendent. You would become Group – B (Gazetted) officer in the Grade Pay of Rs.4800. The second promotion in this post is of Assistant Commissioner which is a Group – A, IRS level post. But this promotion happens for a very few Superintendents and many of them retires without getting that second promotion. While Examiner, ITI or P.O. would get 5-6 promotions in their career, Central Excise Inspector gets one and if lucky two.

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Where to put Central Excise Inspector in your preference list if you are a male candidate?

If you are a male candidate, Central Excise Inspector should be No.4 or No.5 in your preference list after Examiner, ITI, P.O. and Assistant CSS or MEA (if you like the Delhi posting).

Check out the video version of this article and give your suggestions.

Where to put Central Excise Inspector in your preference list if you are a female candidate?

This is one executive post which is good or at least okay for a female candidate. If you want to go for a post in which you get to work in the field also, you should keep it higher in your SSC CGL preference list. In other situations also, it should be in the top 10 of your preference list.

Conclusion of Central Excise Inspector job profile

This is a very good post of SSC CGL. You should go for it if you are selected. There are very good chances for home posting but there are some limitations regarding promotions. Consider all these things before taking the final decision about your preference list.

Best wishes for the bright future.


51 thoughts on “Central Excise Inspector Job Profile

    • It’s around 40 days right now. It was changed to 80 days before some time but once again it’s 40. It’s generally not given on joining but you’ll be asked by department to go for training when there’s a new batch starting at NACEN.

  1. Good evening, this is Radhika. Malladi from tata nagar(jamshedpur) am waiting for vacancies in customs and central excise dept as a customs / central excise inspector Bihar range. Previously am completed my graduation at bihar (Ranchi university)

    Please advise any vacancies in above said department.

    • You can get any of these jobs by clearing SSC CGL exam. Apply for SSC CGL 2016, application to which should start around Feb-March 2016. Start preparing for that from right now using all available materials and also with the help of this site. For more information, you could also visit official SSC website http://www.ssc.nic.in. Thanks for commenting. Keep in touch with this site.

  2. I have done my +2 in non-medical stream and now I am doing BCA from government college under pu. I am a BCA final year student and I want to become excise officer. Please tell me when to fill application form of excise officer and what is syllabus of entrance exam

    • SSC CGL 2016 notification should be out soon in feb-march, keep checking ssc.nic.in or this site for info about that. You can get a post of excise inspector by clearing that exam, read SSC CGL Exam for more info. You can apply for that while in your final year as you are supposed to complete your graduation before August as per last year (Reference : SSC CGL 2015 notification). Read the below given info from official notification of SSC CGL.

      6(C): All candidates who are declared qualified by the Commission for appearing at the
      Interview/Skill Test/Computer Proficiency Test will be required to produce the relevant
      Certificates such as Mark sheets for all the three years of Graduation/ Provisional
      Certificate/ Certificate of Graduation in original as proof of having acquired the minimum
      educational qualification on or before the 1st August, 2015, failing which the candidature of
      such candidates will be cancelled by the Commission. The Candidates who are able to prove,
      by documentary evidence, that the result of the qualifying examination was declared on or
      before the cut-off date and he/she has been declared passed, will also be considered to meet
      the Educational Qualification.

      Note: This info is according to SSC CGL 2015 notification. Read SSC CGL 2016 notification carefully before deciding anything.

      Wish you best of luck for the bright career and a lot of success.

      Thank you.

    • Not right now. Keep checking official site of SSC to know about vacancy details in various departments. You may be able to know about state-wise vacancy but it is tough to know city-wise vacancy.

      Wish you best luck for bright career.

  3. I am currently working as an Income Tax Inspector in Dehradun.
    Got central excise inspector Delhi through CGL14. I hail from gurgaon. Can u suggest the better option between the two? Highly confused!

    • My suggestion is stick with your ITI job at Dehradun. Purely my suggestion as career prospects are better in IT than C.Ex. Also Dehradun isn’t much far from Gurgaon and in future you can get transfer to some nearby place also. Consider all the factors and know more about them before taking final decision.

      Wish you best of luck for success.

    • It’s not easy and it depends on many things. Like where you are posted and where you want to go (There’s a big line to go to Delhi.), willingness of both the cadres (States) and vacancy positions. Also, you have to complete two years of service before applying for inter state also known as inter cadre transfers. Try to score high and get your home cadre from the start. If you can’t then join any state and apply for ICT. You may get transferred sooner or later, not 100 % guarantee though.

      Thanks and wish you best of luck.

  4. Sir, I am pursuing BBA from Meerut it’s my 2nd year I want to become excise officer. Can you help me to give detail about it like where to fill a from which from should b filled and other necessary detail.

    • You will have to clear SSC CGL exam to become Central Excise Inspector. You should focus on your BBA for now as you would be eligible to apply in SSC CGL 2017 if you can clear graduation before August 2017 (This is purely assumption from general trends and actual details/eligibility can be known only after official SSC CGL 2017 notification published by Staff Selection Commission, but it should be more or less like that). Along with that, you should start polishing your Maths, English and Reasoning subjects with the help of some basic books. Refer to this article to know about some useful books for preparation of SSC CGL. Notification for SSC CGL should come around Jan-Feb 2017 if we guess from 2015 and 2016 notifications. Keep visiting this site and official site of SSC (www.ssc.nic.in) to be updated about the same.

      Wish you best of luck for success.

    • Yes, you can. The condition is that you have to clear your final year exam and get the mark-sheet for the same before 1/8/2016.

      Thanks and wish you best of luck for the success.

  5. sir which post is better – central excise inspector or divisional accountant in cag to prepare for other pcs like state or upsc ?(with lower workload?)

    • sir which post is better – central excise inspector or divisional accountant in cag to prepare for other pcs like state or upsc ?(with lower workload?) sir i will put css first , but was confused about the second option in case i could not clear cpt.

  6. I have applied cgl 2016 from kolkata can you please tell me when and how I will get my admit card for the examination. And what is the exam date

    • Check eastern regional site of SSC for this info. It’s http://www.sscer.org/. Or simply Google what you need and it would lead you to the things or info you need.

      Wish you best of luck for success in your career.

  7. I belong to Hyderabad and want to prepare for Upsc civil services in Hyderabad and need ample time for preparation. Which post should I prefer as I heard that girls are assigned clerical work in ITI and Central Excise and will have enough time for preparation? Is it true?

    • There are no general rules for anything or anybody in any office or department. it all depends on the people you are working with and under, I mean your colleagues and superiors. In your case, if you want to prepare for UPSC then ideally you should go for CSS but for that you have to go to Delhi. If you want to live in Hyderabad only then you can go for Central Excise first and then ITI as there would be more work load in ITI job when compared to Central Excise. Generally, if you work properly then 3-4 hours would be enough for daily work of any post and if you are lucky then you can get posting with even less work load.

      Wish you best of luck for your career.

  8. Sir please tell me that a Hepatitis B positive candidate is medically fit for examiner inspector post..??

    And tell me alo the training period of examiner , preventive officer, income tax inspector and assistant enforcement officer..
    Thank you

    • No such mention of Hepatitis B is there in the official notification so you should contact nearest regional office of SSC (Staff Selection Commission) to get more info about that. About training period we are in process of gathering info about training in different posts. We’d let you know once we have reliable info.

      Wish you best of luck for your career.

  9. Sir tell me that examiner and Preventive officer gets transfer to other zone from his zone or not.
    Is it possible?
    In which condition it is possible or it is normal..??

    • Yes, they can get transferred to other zone. Generally, it happens when a candidate try to get transfer to his home state or a place near to his home state. It takes time though and not always possible but if you have a spouse working in your home state or critically ill parents then it can happen faster as these kinds of grounds are generally taken into consideration in government organisations. In other case, a transfer can happen when you get a promotion to a Group A post. It also depends on many things and can happen or not.

      Thanks and best luck for your career.

  10. I belong to Hindi language region.
    If i join examiner or preventive officer then what will be the communicative language.
    Will there be a problem for Hindi speaker..??

    • No, there shouldn’t be much problem as Hindi is understood more or less all over India. Do try to improve your English though as it would really help if you are posted in some South India based customs zone as Hindi is not that much prevalent over there.

      Thanks and best of luck.

  11. Sir
    the degree from state open university just like netaji subhash open university , is granted in ssc cgl or not ? Sir I am a mathematics graduate from nsou in bengali medium . So in document verification wo log mera certificate except koregi yea fir reject kor degi ?

  12. sir i complete the B.A graduation and can i apply for this job
    and specially any age requirement for custom inspector job and which study for this job tell me .how can we apply for job pls tell me

    • You can apply for SSC CGL 2017 next year. Read official notification of SSC CGL 2016 to get general idea about this exam and eligibility to apply. You’d get final info when notification of SSC CGL 2017 is out but it should be similar to SSC CGL 2016 except some nominal changes.

      Best luck for your career.

  13. I am Tushar. I live in Mumbai. I want to give SSC CGL exam for post of Custom Inspector (Examiner or Preventive Officer). But, I don’t have any certificate, for example typing test and any other computer course. So am I eligible or not for this post (customs inspector)?

    • You are eligible to appear for SSC CGL if you are graduate from any stream. Read official notification to know more about it. You can focus for SSC CGL 2017.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • After you complete your graduation or in the final year of it, you can apply for SSC CGL Exam to get around 30 types of jobs in various dept of Govt of India. That includes Central Excise Inspector, Examiner and Preventive Officer posts which are CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) posts.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

    • Yes, I think. But not by J&K but Central Excise dept which is a dept of Govt of India. yet, Read official notification to know more about this.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  14. Sir,
    I am Riyaz from Kerala State. Currently pursuing MBA and I want a good job like excise, customs & police.. pls suggest me a good one & the procedure..

  15. which has more transfers sir? ITI or Central excise inspector ? What is mean by annual transfer? Is it applicable for ITI officers or officers of higher cadre? Can i get home posting in these two jobs(I am from south india)?

    • It depends on many factors but mostly the transfers should be almost same for both the posts in starting. But, you get more promotions in the ITI post so normally more promotions means more transfers. Annual transfers are applicable to all kinds of officers but you are not transferred in the normal course every year so don’t worry. You can get home posting or at least home state posting in both the jobs if you can manage to get required rank/score.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  16. I’m from Gaya, Bihar. Currently I’m working as preventive officer in kerala through ssc cgl 2014. I have qualified cgl 2016 nd got central excise inspector with rank 1048. Which should I prefer ??

    • Only you can decide what is best for you but if you are getting home state posting then only you should consider changing the job. Otherwise, PO post is very good and you may not lose your seniority as well. Think well before taking any decision.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  17. Sir I am at present working in Sbi as a PO in karnataka. Cleared CGL 16 got excise inspector. I am thinking of joining either in Bangalore or Kolkata zone. I am from Bihar. I want to know which is better option to go for.
    One more thing I want to ask you where will be the initial posting like they will post mostly in HQ or zonal offices or remote postings will also be there.
    What is the net monthly salary of excise inspector in Tier 1 2&3 cities please confirm
    Thanking You

    • I think Kolkata would be better for you as it’s closer to your home state. Other factors remain more or less same as both are good places. Posting depends on departmental requirement so can’t say anything for sure but most of the excise offices are at at least district level places so you should be fine there. Starting monthly in hand salary would be around 45K, 50K, 55K in tier 3,2,1 cities respectively. The main difference being HRA which is 8,16,24 percent in tier 3,2,1 cities respectively.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  18. Hi sir,

    Currently i a working as Software employee in Hyderabad.I got selected to Central Excise Inspector through CGL 16.As there are no vacancies in Hyderabad zone ,could you please let me know which zone is better in Chennai/Cochin/Bangalore.
    And approxiamately when will be joining dates for CGl16 Inspectors.
    I heard somewhere that some zones have good promotion chances and others are not good ,is it true?
    Is it easy to get to Hyderabad zone if so how much time it would take?
    whats better zone in Chennai/Cochin/Bangalore promotion and living wise.
    Generally if posted in one zone ,how many years need to be there in that particular zone.
    Thanking you,

    • Sorry Prashanth but we don’t have such info to compare various zones and all. People are working everywhere in all the zones and they are more or less happy and satisfied. You should also be fine anywhere. Choose the place/area which you like or prefer for any particular reason like closer to home or family or like that. You can apply for ICT (Inter Cadre Transfer) after completion of two years of service to get transfer from one state to another.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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