How to score well in competitive exams in India

In this article series, we’d talk about the basic structure of various competitive exams conducted in India. We’d also discuss how to crack them and get a good government or banking job and make a good career.

As you may have noticed, in recent years, competitive recruitment exams conducted by government and banks have become a great career option for job aspirants. Government of India does it through SSC,UPSC etc and banks do it through IBPS exams, SBI recruitment exams etc.

Let’s start by knowing more about these exams.

Major competitive exams conducted in India

We would mainly focus on the below given exams. They are also a major exams offering you almost 90% of the government and banking jobs.

7. LIC/other govt. insurance companies recruitment exams
8. UPSC-CSAT (The first stage of UPSC Civil Services Exam)

What is the one thing which is same in all these competitive exams?

The first thing you should know about most of the competitive exams conducted in India is that they are basically aptitude tests with a small section of general knowledge. Major competitive exams in India like SSC CGL, IBPS, UPSC CSAT, SSC CHSL, SBI officer/clerical Recruitment exams etc as mentioned above are the examples of aptitude tests. So now, let’s know about what’s an aptitude test.

What is an aptitude test ?

Aptitude test is a kind of exam to test one’s competence and skill in a given situation or task. The exams we are discussing here are all about working with numbers and data processing along with some general logical and calculations skills. They also include the knowledge of school level general English.

The main subjects of these competitive exams are as below.

Main subjects of competitive exams in India

1. Maths which is also referred as Quantitative Aptitude (QA)

2. Logical Reasoning (Verbal and non-verbal) and critical reasoning

3. General English language and comprehension

4. General awareness (Current Affairs) and/or General Knowledge

5. General Awareness (with special reference to Banking) for banking exams

6. Basic computer and marketing knowledge for most of the banking recruitment exams

There may be some other subjects also but here we are mainly focusing on SSC (Staff Selection Commission) Exams, IBPS Exams, SBI recruitment Exams, UPSC-CSAT and LIC/other govt. insurance companies recruitment exams so we’d focus on the subjects which are covered in all these exams.

In this article series, we’ll discuss everything about these subject including how to prepare for them and the best books and useful materials for that.

We’d start with Maths/QA

Maths or QA is the most important part of any aptitude based competitive exam so we’d start with it in the next post. We’d talk about how to prepare for Maths of competitive exams and also which books and materials to use for that. The link to the next post is below.

How to score well in Maths/QA section of competitive exams

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