How to score well in Maths of competitive exams

As we have discussed in the previous article, there are various sections/subjects in every competitive exam and you have to plan for each one of them when you are preparing to crack the exam and get a high rank/score. Without scoring well in every section or subject, it’s tough to clear any competitive exam and get a good government job. We will now discuss about various subjects or sections of competitive exams. We will include tips about how to prepare for them and information about useful books and material in this discussion. And we’d start with the most obvious subject, Maths.

You don’t need me to tell that Maths or QA is an integral part of almost every competitive exam taken in India so we’ll start with it. In this post, we’d discuss about various tips and ideas to improve your score in Maths/QA of competitive exams.

How to prepare for Maths of competitive exams?

Maths/QA is the vital component of any aptitude exam/test around the world. If you are good at Maths then it would get easier for you to succeed in any aptitude based exam. Your skills in Maths can surely be the most important factor in your career if you are a competitive exams student. Having that Mathematical skill and improving upon it is very important process which can lead you to a milestone success in your career. To help you achieve that, we’d give you some important tips about preparing and improving your grip over Maths. Read on.

5 very important tips to improve Maths of competitive exams

1. Don’t be too dependent on your natural Maths skills

Having a natural flair over Maths is a wonderful thing to have. You are already ahead of so many people just like that thanks to something given to you by your parents when you are born. Be thankful to them for that. But, that doesn’t mean everything. Natural skills are useful but to the certain extent only. After that, you have to work towards improving and building upon that. You can do certain things or calculations easily but some other student with average ability can learn a short-cut or do a lot of practice and can become faster than you. If you don’t work on what you have got then definitely you’d be going down. So, instead of depending too much or being complacent about your natural gift, try and learn more, practise more. Try and be faster in the things you already know or have a good grip on. Keep polishing your Mathematical skills by learning a lot and practicing a lot. Only that way you can get a surprisingly high score in the Maths of competitive exams.

2. Basics are so much more important than you believe

Some wise man has truly said that; in life, everything is 90% basics and 10% everything else. same goes completely true for Maths. If your basics are right then you can learn new concepts of Maths faster. Your speed in Maths would also improve because if your basics are clear then you would be more confident when solving difficult example. You can also score well in the concepts you already good at after revising and polishing your basics.

3. Be regular and stick to the preparation schedule

Regularity is the key when you are preparing for any competitive exam. Maths or QA is the subject of technical skill. If you are regular then you can build on the preparations of previous day and so on. When you are not regular, you lose grip over something you had learnt before. In that situation you have to learn and practise that thing again before going further. That would mean a waste of so much time and half baked preparations and ultimately a failure in the exam.

4. Get a help from expert trainers and successful candidates

Sometimes a small tip can change your whole method of preparation and can drive you towards better success. So never miss a chance to get some insights from the people who have done it or guiding people to do it for a long time. A good trainer or teacher can give you many tips about how to improve your performance in various sections along with helping you to stay away from the distractions. While a successful candidate can share his own journey with you and can help you in understanding your own journey.

5. Create the atmosphere around you and remain in it till you clear the exam

Your surroundings matter the most whenever you are trying to achieve things in your life. Many people have achieved great things in life while living in and facing tough conditions but it’s not possible for everybody. So, if it’s possible try to create a good atmosphere around you when you are trying to prepare for any competitive exam. That can include admission to some kind of coaching institute where you can get expert faculties who can teach you new things and solve your problems. A place where you can prepare and socialize with other students/aspirants of the same exam. These things can help you greatly in giving momentum to your preparations and making them regular.

At home, try to fix a time for preparations and ask other family members to support you during that time. They would do that happily as they are mostly interested in your growth and success. Use that time carefully and study regularly at that same time and make them even happier.

6. Use technology and internet to your advantage

Internet sources including websites like Google and YouTube have been a great revolution in these times. How do you use them depends on your discretion and sincerity. You can watch so many entertainment videos on YouTube for hours and waste your valuable time or you can watch useful educational videos available there and improve your preparations. I’m not saying one should not entertain him or herself but there should be a balance. If you are a student still trying to make a career then wasting hours on watching useless stuff can be dangerous for your career. You should try to make rules like two hours of educational videos or study and half an hour of entertainment. That way, you would use technology to your advantage.

YouTube can be such a good source for your preparations as more and more teaching videos are being uploaded there recently. You can prepare for any competitive exam with the help of such videos/channels. The advantage of this method is that you can replay the videos at any time you want and watch it for as many times as you want. This thing is sometimes not possible with offline teaching at coaching classes. You should use both the methods in combination to get the best results.

Final words of wisdom

These are some general tips and ideas to help you in preparations. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open to find anything which can help you. That can be some book, some idea, some tips of time management or anything. Be alert, be proactive and get the biggest possible success of your life and fulfill your dreams.

Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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