Sub Inspector in CBI Job Profile

Sub Inspector in CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is one more executive post where you would work as a law executing authority for the Government of India. Work and power wise, you may compare it with Examiner, Preventive Officer or Central Excise Inspector. It is considered one of the powerful jobs offered through SSC CGL. But, it is also a stressful job with a heavy workload and hectic schedules. In this article, we will discuss all the things related to Sub Inspector in CBI job including salary, promotion, work profile and many other things.

Let’s start with knowing about CBI.

When you are going to know about SI in CBI job, you should know about CBI first of all.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the foremost investigating police agency of our country, It comes under Central Government and that’s why Sub Inspector in CBI is recruited by SSC CGL. It is one of the best law enforcement agency in India which plays a big role in public life. It also helps in maintaining safety and well being of our economy. CBI is generally involved in major criminal investigations. It is also the Interpol agency in India. The CBI was initially known as a Special Police Establishment (SPE) which was established in 1941 and tasked with domestic security. From 1 April 1963, it was renamed as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
CBI Agency headquarters is in New Delhi. New Delhi is our national capital which also houses the parliament of India and its’ ministries. Apart from HQ, CBI also has field offices located in major cities throughout India. The CBI is also overseen by the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) like many other department of Government of India .

When you join as a Sub Inspector in CBI, you would join in a Group C post with a 4200 Rs. Grade pay. This being a executive post with many responsibilities, there would be a work load. But at the same time, you get to experience an adventurous life along with a lot of power and social status.

Let’s know more about SI in CBI post in a point by point manner.

Salary of Sub Inspector in CBI

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Sub Inspector in CBI would be 35,400 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Sub Inspector in CBI in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Work profile of Sub Inspector in CBI

The workload in this post would me much more when you compare it with other SSC CGL posts. You wouldn’t get much time to relax or to spend with the family. Work till late evening is kind of normal in CBI offices/branches. It also depends on the branch you are posted as there’s a different workload in different offices. Your work would be to investigate various kind of crimes. The work would generally be of tougher and complex nature as CBI is generally given the cases which are not solved by local police or other agencies. Before starting any work, You would undergo an extensive training of around a year. You would get the best possible training in the crime investigating methods along with knowledge of some other related things and physical training. Training would take place at CBI academy and some part of it also includes training at state police stations and CBI branches. Training durations at various places are as below.

Institutional Training with CBI Academy (phase 1) 7 Months

Attachment with Local Police 9 Weeks

Attachment with CBI Branch 9 Weeks

Institutional Training with CBI Academy (phase 2) 10 Weeks

Total training period of Sub Inspector in CBI is of around 1 year and 7 weeks.

What after training of Sub Inspector in CBI at CBI Academy ?

You would be allotted a zone after completion of training and then you would start working as a SI in CBI.
Along with a workload and lot of pressure, you would also get a lot of social respect and power in this post. CBI is a very powerful agency and officers of every government department are feared of CBI so you would get a respect and attention at mostly everywhere you go.

Promotion of Sub Inspector in CBI

You would become Inspector of CBI after getting your first promotion. The first promotion usually happens in around 5-6 years in CBI. The second promotion would be of Deputy Superintendent which may take time of more than 10-12 years. After Deputy Superintendent, the next promotion in this post is of Additional Superintendent. The next promotion after that would be of Superintendent and after that of Senior Superintendent. SI in CBI can generally reach till Senior Superintendent and rarely to the DIG level. It depends on your age at the time of joining and many other factors like performance and conduct that how many promotions would you get.
Promotion wise, it is a very good post as you can get more than 3-4 promotions in this job.

Sub Inspector in CBI post in the preference list of female candidates

Less recommended for girls as the work and work load is unpredictable. You may get very less time for your family and also a fair bit of risk factor is also there. But, in the end it depends on your liking and choice. If you like an adventurous job and are willing to sacrifice some family and personal time then you can opt for this post. I would recommend you to keep it after Assistants, Income tax Inspector, Central Excise Inspector, Divisional Accountant and Auditor post.
Take your own decision after considering all the factors. Also try to get some more first hand info before making your final SSC CGL preference list.

Sub Inspector in CBI post in the preference list of male candidates

If you like a job with a power and adventure, this is a post for you. But at the same time, be ready for a lot of work load and pressure. I suggest you to keep it after other executive posts like Examiner of Customs, Preventive Officer, Income Tax Inspector and central Excise Inspector.

Conclusion of Sub Inspector in CBI post profile

This is general information we have gathered about Sub Inspector in CBI job. You should try to get more first hand information before opting for this job. You can also share your knowledge about this job in the comments section. It can really help other aspirants in making their preference list. Thanks for reading.

Best of luck for the bright future and lots of success.

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    • Requirement according to SSC CGL Official notification 2016 is as below.

      Eye-sight (with or without glasses)

      Distant vision : 6/6 in one and 6/9 in the other eye.

      Near vision 0.6 in one eye and 0.8 in other eye.

      If you fulfill these requirements then you are eligible.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

  1. Sir, one of my ears shape is little bent so can I opt this Post as my first preference ?

    And whatever information about physical standard and eye vision are given on ssc cgl notification, I fullfil those criteria. I don’t have any issue with those.

    Kindly, guide me for this.

    • I think if you fulfill all the criteria given in official notification then you can opt for this post for sure. No mention about anything related to ear problems in physical requirement so I believe you should be fine.

      Thanks and best wishes for your career.

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