Sub Inspector in NIA job profile

Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) is a group B post offered through SSC CGL exam. This is a group B non gazetted executive post in NIA. Also, note that this post is not suitable for PH candidates. Age limit for this post is 30 years which can be a good thing for the candidates who have crossed age limit for other posts. In this article, we’d discuss various aspects regarding to Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) post.

First of all, let’s know some basic facts about National Investigation Agency (NIA) before knowing about Sub Inspector post in it.

Some basic and useful info about National Investigation Agency (NIA)

National Investigation Agency (NIA) is a federal law enforcement and civilian agency of Government of India. NIA mainly works towards combating terror activities in India. It also acts as the Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in India. NIA was established on 31 December 2008 with the enactment of the National Investigation Agency Act, 2008 by the Parliament of India. NIA has its’ headquarters in Delhi but it works all over the country. NIA has branches in Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Lucknow, Kolkata and Mumbai. Also, Various Special NIA Courts have been notified by the Central Government of India for trial of the cases registered at various police stations of NIA under Section 11 and 22 of the NIA Act 2008. At present there are 38 Special NIA Courts and State Governments have also been empowered to appoint one or more such special courts in their states. NIA handles many high profile and utmost important cases which are related to security of the country. The cases which are generally handled by NIA include terror attacks in any part of the country, covering offences, including challenge to the country’s sovereignty and integrity, bomb blasts, hijacking of aircraft and ships, attacks on nuclear installations. The amendments to the NIA Act has brought the offences relating to the smuggling in High Quality Counterfeit Indian Currency under the definition of a terrorist Act aimed at damaging the monetary stability of the country. So these kind of cases can also be investigated by the NIA.

This is some basic info about NIA. To know more about it, visit official website

Now, let’s know more about Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) post in a step by step manner.

Salary of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA)

Salary has been revised effective from 1/1/2016 in 7th pay commission. According to which the starting basic salary of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) would be 35,400 Rs in 7th pay commission. DA (Dearness Allowance) would be 0% from 1/1/2016 but it would be revised from July-2016 and so on. Apart form DA you’d also get HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance ) and TA ( Travelling Allowance ) which are different for various class of cities. You would also get TA/DA in this post while on tour. Keep watching this space to know more about Salary and other benefits of Sub Inspector post in National Investigation Agency (NIA) in 7th pay commission.

SSC CGL Posts salary in 7th Pay Commission

Work profile of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA)

When selected for this post, you would either be posted into the NIA HQ which is in Delhi or any other branch of NIA which are there into 6 cities I mentioned above. You may be working as an intelligence officer who would assist in gathering intelligence about various crimes or conspiracies or unlawful activities. You may also be working as a normal law executing officer and be present in courts for handling of case and helping the court by providing evidences and examining witnesses. You may also need to go to execute summons or to issue warrants whenever required or ordered. You may also accompany raid teams sometimes if you are ordered to do so. You may have to deal with dangerous and notorious elements in these kind of raids as NIA deals with bigger and powerful criminal outfits. You would always have to remain active and alert in this job which can be a thrill for someone and a stress for somebody else so decide accordingly considering your personality and liking. You may compare work profile of this job with SI in CBI with the same salary and other benefits.

Do know more about the work profile of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) and tell us in the comments section if you find something useful for every candidate.

Also note that this post is not identified suitable for PH candidates according to official notification.

Promotion of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA)

This being a new agency, not much info available regarding to promotion of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA). You would be eligible for promotion as an Inspector in NIA after 5 years of service. Promotion depends on many other things like vacancy, seniority, policy etc. so it’s tough to say anything for sure for now.

Disclaimer: Know more about promotions in this post or any other post as we have given info according to general trends and info. Also note that in any post, promotion is a matter of future and it depends on many factors like vacancies in higher posts, promotion exams, performance of the candidate and such other things. Nothing can be predicted for sure in this regard so use your own discretion before taking any final decision. We are here to help but don’t take any decision just by relying on our reviews. Only you are responsible for your career and your decisions and not WE. Thanks and best wishes.

Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) post in the preference list of female candidates

Not in top 10. Refer to this article to know more about preference list for female candidates.

Also, take your own decision after considering all the factors. Also try to get some more first hand info before making your final SSC CGL preference list.

Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) post in the preference list of male candidates

Keep it after other executive posts like Examiner of Customs, Preventive Officer, Income Tax Inspector and central Excise Inspector. Also after AAO, AEO and Assistant posts (If interested in working in Delhi). You should also keep SI in CBI and Inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics before this post.

Also refer to this article to know more about preference list for male candidates.

Conclusion of Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) job profile

This is general information we have gathered about Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency (NIA) post. You should try to get more first hand information before opting for this job. You can also share your knowledge about this job/post in the comments section. It can really help other aspirants in making their preference list. Thanks for reading.

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Best of luck for the bright future and lots of success.

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