Time and work Important formulas

In practical life, we have seen that works are done by one or more than one people and different people take different time in the completionof the same work. I mean to say that people work at a different speed. We may need to find the speed of somebody’s work or how much time would somebody or some people take to complete the certain work. Also, if they are to be paid for their work, they should be paid according to the work done by them. When you are dealing with such situations where you want to find the speed of work done by certain people or wages to be paid to them, ” Time and Work ” concept would be handy. You can find answers to all the questions related to speed of work, time taken, wages to be paid using this concept.

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When we talk about competitive exams, Questions related to ” Time and Work ” are asked into every exam. Be it SSC, IBPS, SBI, CSAT or any other such exam, you would surely find questions of ” Time and Work ” into the paper of Q.A./Maths/Arithmetic. This is the reason why we are posting and you are reading this.

In this article, we would discuss the important formulas which are used to solve questions related to ” Time and Work “.

In the next, we would see the examples of ” Time and Work “.

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Read on for important formulas.

Important formulas for Time and Work

Speed of work= Work done / Time taken

Let’s shorten it,

  • Speed\quad =\quad \frac { Work }{ Time }
  • ( S = W / T )

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    That makes two more equations,

  • Time\quad =\quad \frac { Work }{ Speed }
  • ( T = W / S )


  • Work = Time x Speed
  • ( W = T x S )

Also note that,

1. Speed of work can be calculated in any time value like hour, day, month etc.

2. Speed of work and time taken are inversely related and so when more days are taken for a work, the speed is less and vice versa.

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3. If A can do a piece of work in 10 days, then in 1 day a work done by him = 1 / 10.

4. In many examples we will deal with ” a work “, that means we are talking about 1 particular work and so at the place of work in the equation, we’d take 1. That is why we took 1 / 10 in point no.3

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Click here to learn examples of Time and Work.

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